Shear Adventures - Disgusting and Rude!!!

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At first I wanted to take my child here BUT then I started to read the reviews and got a bad taste in my mouth. So we walk in and it's all cluttered and has a terrible sitting area. We walked in and sat down. No acknowledgement then the lady in the window asked if it was my son's first haircut. I said yes. Finally Sheila asked when our appointment. She said we were real early. Ok sure it was about 3:50ish. My appointment was 4:15. I started to investigate the place a little more and the hair was ALL over. It was terrible. It looked like hair had been there the past week. The "cars" that they sat in look outdated and weren't in the best condition. So Sheila started talking to this mom about cradle cap. (Just use baby oil and a comb. Not that hard. Not rocket science.) So Sheila started pitching this product to this lady. It was as if she was one of those guys from an infomercial. Only thing she was missing were the headphones. So I decided to step outside and look for another place. About 10 minutes had gone by and finally my husband comes out and says let's go. He then told me that she still hadn't started on the child's hair. Really???

About 4:20 approached and I get a call from her. Didn't answer because I didn't feel like I needed to justify why I left. She left a message saying something of the sort of " I think your husband came in but then he left. I figured he was coming back. I don't think you were in there with him.) Ummm?? You asked me what time the appointment was? Are you really THAT scatter brained that you don't remember me at all???

As I got home there was a blocked call. Obviously it was her. There was also a long drawn out text from her. She said something of the sort of "are you ok? And do you want to come back in?" NO lady. Get the hint.

Please save yourself the trouble and do not take your child here.


--------After my review she text me 5 screenshots long. Basically harassing me and tried to be cute saying of course there is hair on the ground. NO! I have NEVER been to a salon who doesn't sweep AFTER every client!!! She had hair on the floor from ALL day. She expected me to walk in hair to put my child in the messy chair??????? She is very unprofessional! I myself am a small business owner. I WOULD NEVER ever write to a customer like she did to me! I would actually take the advice and CHANGE what was said!!!! OBVIOUSLY I am not the only one who thought the same thing!!! I actually gave a restaurant a lower rating because it deserved it. I got a message from the OWNER saying THANK you and that HE WAS VERY SORRY! He did NOT harass me because as a customer I was 100% right. That's what A REAL business does! Not harass the customer! I told this person they contact me again I will sue her for harassment! You don't have my phone number to harass me! She ought to be ashamed of herself!


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I think you are crazy to be honest. Depending how busy they were they probably did not have time to sweep. And I have gone to salons over the years and some were cleaned up, (slow), and some were not, (busy). And before you say it, they may not have been busy when YOU got there.

I personally think you are rude since you had no guts to first say you changed your mind, and second, to ignore the phone and tell her. Further proving your character and cowardness, is coming on here and making this complaint.

I am going to notify them of this complaint so the business has a chance to refute it.

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